A Very Special Thanksgiving Episode

November 26th, 2020

Host: Ben Fogt

With Guest Callers

Thanksgiving 2020

2020, Ben Fogt

What's the Deal, Grosse Ile?



[0:00] [Ben Fogt] Oh, hi there. Welcome to the What’s the Deal, Grosse Ile? Studio. This is where we discover the people, places, history, and events that make Grosse Ile unique.

Of course, I’m the host, Ben Fogt. Whoops… the phone’s ringing.

[0:17] [Jacob, on the phone] Hello my name is Jacob and I am thankful for the enchiladas that my roommates gave me. They just went out of town and they turned to me before they left and said "oh, hey. If you want to eat the rest of our enchiladas, go for it." And they are delicious. My friend is a great cook and they're trying a vegan thing, which is nice because I'm trying a vegan thing as well. So. It's very healthy, cauliflower-centric, with you know, lots of veggies and delicious tasting things. So I'm so lucky to have it in my life. I'm not much of a cook so it's kind of silly for me to be trying to go vegan because there's just a lot of beans and rice going on. So this was a nice addition to my diet this week. I'm thankful for them. Thank you, roommates. Thank you, enchiladas.

[B] Well that was interesting, but if you're going to be thankful for something, you could do worse than enchiladas. While I'm waiting for another call, how about I tell you about the next couple of episodes? Episode 10 is with Wendy Moco and Teresa Bizoe and we talked about Grosse Ile's Christmas Jammie Drive. You'll see signs for it on Macomb Street and next week, on December 3rd, you'll be able to learn more about it on the What's the Deal, Grosse Ile podcast.

[1:41] Another call.

[The Pearce Family, on the phone]

[Tracey] Hi this is the Pierce family and we're calling to say what we're thankful for.

[Gracie] My name is Gracie and I am thankful for all the inventors that invented stuff, because that helps you have fun and everything, and thankful for my family and friends and I'm thankful that I actually have a house and some people don't. Goodbye.

[Ryan] My name is Ryan and I'm so thankful for you and

[2:24] everyone in the whole wide world and my dog that used to live here but he died.

[Tracey] And this is Tracey and I'm thankful that all of my family and my friends are still healthy and safe and that we all still can love each other. Happy Thanksgiving!

[B] That was nice and we're all thankful for you too Pearce family. We can't wait to hear all that good news for Grosse Ile on Sunday at 7 p.m, Tracey.

[2:57] Where was I? Oh yes, episode 11, the Grosse Ile Boar's Head Festival. I had a chance to talk with Krista Ewbank about this tradition that goes back decades. Krista has directed the festival and shares how it works, what it's about, and how to get involved. We get a chance to talk about what's going on at Open Book Theater Company, too. That's her theater over on the other side of the channel in Trenton. Don't miss this one on December 10th.

[3:24] The phone's busy,

[Kelly, on the phone] Hi, What's the Deal, Grosse Ile? My name is Kelly. I was referred to you guys by my friend Jacob who learned about this and thought this would be a great outlet for me. It's so funny because I am from Grosse Ile. I grew up on Grosse Ile and, calling you guys, I had no idea that there was a podcast called What's the Deal, Grosse Ile? So I find this very, very divinely led. What I'm thankful for is my health. I was diagnosed with COVID last Monday. So today is Tuesday. It's been about eight days.

[4:03] I've had very, very mild symptoms and I'm also an asthmatic person so it was a little scary at first getting that positive result but I am completely fine. And I am so thankful for my health. I'm thankful for my immune system. I'm thankful for all the herbal supplements that helped me stay well during this time. And that's mostly what I am thankful for is for the health of my body and my body's ability to innately heal ourselves and every human has that ability. Our bodies want to heal and it's often said that we just have to quote unquote "get out of the way so that our bodies can heal." All right, well. Thanks. Thanks for doing this. I can't wait to listen to the podcast.

[4:56] [B] Well thank you Kelly. We're all hoping you're back to 100% soon. Thank you for sharing.

Speaking of which we're not done sharing. If you're listening to this fresh, it's Thanksgiving Day of 2020. You can still share what you're thankful for with friends and family you live with or talking with by telephone or video call today. As you know I'm thankful for all of you.

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[6:01] Thanks for listening to What's the Deal, Grosse Ile?